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Tantra Art – By Swaran Singh Jaggi
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For my friend and tantra artist Prof. Syed Mehar Ali Abbassi

In Sanskrit “Tantra” means “loom” and “weave,” but also “treatise. Space cannot be bounded by less than three lines. The minimum number of lines required to make an enclosed space an universe. So the artist of the tantric painting uses triangle – male (Shiva)- female (Shakti) energy, circle, and square

Triangle (Energies, Polarities, Male and Female)
The combination of triangles – Triangle male energy, inverted triangle – female energy. The threefold structure is interpreted in many mystic ways of existence.
• Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh
• neutral, negative, and positive
• neutron, proton, and electron
• past, present, and future
• Rig, Yaju, and Sam
when two triangles penetrate each other, it makes a hexagonal enclosed space represent the universe. It represents the fusion of polarities and the manifest universe. The process of neutralization of polarities and evolution of existence. Hence space and time cease to exist during the neutralization of polarities. In a layman’s language, it happens during the climax of sex (both triangles (energies) rest in a stable position, making a perfect hexagonal) or Samadhi.

Circle (Rhythmic Motion)
The circle represents the motion (representation of time), hence when the spaces of different polarities (Shaktis) merged with each other and make a hexagonal space, and if the hexagonal space move in rhythm or smoothly it looks like a circle and represents a harmony around the space.

Square (Dissolve in existence)
And when and at the end the two triangles (Shiva and Shakti) come side by side it makes square and square. represent the four directions and unbundling of space hence the two energies male and female (individual or spaces) dissolved in ultimate existence
hence in tantric art, the three forms of spaces (triangle, circle, and square) represent the life cycle in the combination of space and time.
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