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Osho has always loved books, and his vast personal library is an extraordinary collection in so many ways. Many book lovers sign and date their books in a very simple way, with their name and perhaps the date when the book was acquired.

Osho, in his inimitable way, developed a unique and individualized ex libris by transforming the opening pages of each of his books into a work of art. Created with marking pens, these luminous compositions of color and light often incorporate Osho’s signature. And each reflects a playful, spontaneous, and meditative approach that is available to all of us if we can only relax and allow it.

Osho saw the first reproductions of his works as silkscreen on paper. A new series of reproductions, on exhibition in the Osho Art Gallery in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, are printed on aluminum from high-resolution scans of the originals, represent just a few of the more than two thousand works of art and signature paintings that Osho has created in this way.

“Every art can be described either as objective art or as subjective art. Subjective art you will find everywhere. It comes from your feelings, from your heart, from your mind: in paintings, in poetry, in music. But objective art comes from the emptiness of your heart; you just become a flute, a hollow bam boo, and the universe sings through you. Your only credit is that you don’t create any hindrances.”

“The distinction between subjective and objective art is basically meditation. Anything that comes out of the mind will remain subjective art, and anything that comes out of no-mind, out of silence, out of meditation, will be objective art.”

“Thousands of times people have asked me, ‘What does this signature mean? Which is the language you are signing in?’ It means nothing! It is no language. I have replied in different ways, but in fact I cannot sign – I am not here. So I have simply created a symbol. My signature says no thing; it is just symbolic. It indicates something but it says no thing, it means nothing. It is not my name. It is the greatest benediction in the world to be in this state where you can say ‘I am not, only existence is.”

“This is the insight of all the buddhas, that if you become a nobody, a great creation arises out of you. The whole starts flowing through you; you become a vehicle, a passage, a medium, a voice for the whole.”

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